What Is The Infected Ashley Lip Piercings

by Mousumi Mukherjee
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Enough of ear and nose piercings! Now, how about trying a lip piercing? Have you ever thought about trying a piece of jewelry on your lip? After all, your lips are attractive too, and they also deserve some decoration with varied kinds of jewelry on it, isn’t it? So, why not pierce and decorate them? And, believe us! It will not hurt you much if you go for Ashley piercings!

Yes, you have heard the right! It’s a piercing that will enhance the beauty of your lip without too much pain. Wanna know more about Ashley piercings? Come! Have a tour of this write-up with me!

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What Is An Ashley Piercing?

What Is An Ashley Piercing
What Is An Ashley Piercing

It’s a kind of single piercing that passes directly through your bottom lip’s center, escaping through the lip’s back. This type of piercing is somewhat more involved. It is because this piercing is done based on your anatomy.

So, before getting this piercing done, you must consult a piercer and know how this piercing will look beautiful on your lip. 

For this piercing, placement is crucial. The piercer will consider your lips’ and teeth’ anatomy before deciding the actual piercing position on your lip. Also, they will tell you if this piercing is safe for you or not.

They describe it only after ensuring no vein is coming in your piercing’s path and not damaging your gum lining and teeth.

If this piercing is safe for you, your piercer will first clean the area of your lip selected for your piercing. He will then mark up the point where the Ashley piercing will exactly go. Some piercers use forceps to hold their customers’ lips in place. 

However, many other piercers still choose to do Ashley piercing without forceps. In whichever way the piercer does the piercing, there will be no problem if the piercing is done systematically and correctly. Only after the mark’s approval a needle will be pushed through your lower lip, and your selected jewelry will be put on there. 

It would be best if you got Ashley lip piercing done by only an experienced lip piercer. Casually choosing a piercer may get it wrong or traumatize the skin of your lips.

So, always choose a piercer who is extremely knowledgeable about this piercing and the anatomy of people’s lip so that no blood vessels/nerves of the lips get damaged. 

Why It Is Known As Ashley Lip Piercing?

Reading this piercing’s name, many assume it was first lanced by or withstood by a person named Ashley. However, it may not actually be so. This single-stud lip piercing’s name doesn’t inevitably land from anywhere specific. 

The reason behind the name of this Ashley peircing is still a mystery. The original name for this lip piercing is “inverted vertical labret”. However, Ashley piercing only retains one when a conventional vertical labret amasses two visible points. This piercing will remain fixed to your inner mouth.

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Ashley Piercing Scar, Its Pain Level, And It’s Healing Time

There’s no piercing in this world that doesn’t hurt when done. After all, a needle is being pushed through your skin, whichever piercing you do! That’s why every piercing hurts – some hurt a little, some hurt the medium, while others hurt much. Ashley piercings belong to the first category. 

Though, it also depends upon one’s individual pain tolerance as to how much pain they will feel with this piercing. If you rate the Ashley piercing for its pain level on a scale with a hierarchy from 1 to 10, it will be somewhere around a 5 or 6. Even though Ashley lip piercings don’t pain much, it swells a lot. 

The Ashley piercing scar takes some time to recover, and its restoring time is between twelve to sixteen weeks. Remember, while the piercing scar is healing, you must change out your jewellery at that time. The piercer experienced in Ashley piercings will initially use a longer barbell, giving way to swelling. 

After some weeks of the initial piercing, you as a client must see your piercer for having the post-shortened and downsized piercing. This post-shortened piercing must flush fit your lip for the remaining of the healing period. 

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Side Effects Of Ashley Piercings

Side Effects Of Ashley Piercings
Side Effects Of Ashley Piercings

Infected Ashley Piercing

Since the needle of Ashley piercing gets on from your lip’s outside to inside, the chances of developing infections increase. Besides, getting a piercing on your lip’s inside part can be essentially problematic as chances are there that the food gets stuck around your piercing area.

If you witness an extended swelling, redness, itching, intense pain, or burning at or near the area, pursue medical attention immediately because you may have developed an infection. 

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Ashley Piercing Scar

If your Ashley piercing jewelry gets irritated while the wound is still healing, the trauma of that area may result in a scar on the skin.

Besides, sometimes Keloids also get formed in the area if you ignore them and don’t treat the irritation and discomfort for an extended period.

The scar tissues’ build-ups surrounding the Ashley piercing region, though, aren’t much pain and can get large.

Ashley Piercing Swelling

Every lip piercing swells. So, in the case of Ashley piercings also, you can anticipate it. Change Ashley piercing as soon as it gets entirely rehabilitated; otherwise, the bar used by your piercer manages to get longer than it’s actually needed for adjusting the swelling.

Also, there’s nothing to fear or panic about in case you find that the area is swelling or your jewellery is becoming looser while you are on the verge of your recovery period. It’s perfectly normal and a sign that your Ashley piercing is appropriately healing. 

Ashley Piercings Aftercare

It’s not so easy to do the Ashley piercing aftercare. It’s a somewhat arduous job if compared with the job of aftercare for an ear piercing. It is because, this time, you are dealing with a kind of oral piercing.

In this piercing, a part of your jewellery remains inside your mouth where we enter all our foods and beverages. 

So, don’t forget to wash your mouth with an alcohol-free mouthwash (half diluted with water) after every time you eat your meal.

Now, stir the alcohol-free mouthwash all over your mouth, especially in your piercing area. Do it at least two times a day.

Also, utilize a saline wash for cleaning your piercing site’s outward area. Never mistake touching or biting an Ashley piercings site when the healing process is going on to avert any more unwanted trauma to your wounds.  

Ashley Piercings Cost

An Ashley Piercing’s Cost always varies depending upon numerous factors such as the piercing salon, the piercer’s knowledge and experience, the customer’s region of inhabitation, etc.

However, instead of running after a piercer who offers cheap rates or whose location is near the client’s house, one should find a good, professional, popular, and well-honoured piercer.

Normally a piercing salon charges anywhere between 40 dollars to 80 dollars in any normal area. However, the charge may vary from salon to salon. 

Ashley Piercing Jewelry

Downsize your Ashley piercing immediately after it’s healed. It will make the jewellery a permanent fit. Also, transform your labret stud into a quicker and shorter fit for the allowance of more solace and comfort.

It will also prevent the Ashley piercing from brushing against your teeth. After downsizing, you can change the jewelry on your own whenever you want. To change the jewellery, you can screw off your jewellery’s top and screw on a new one.

You should not remove the jewellery’s fixed back as it is placed by the person who has done this piercing. 

Best Form of Ashley Piercing Jewelry

The best form of jewelry for an Ashley piercing is a Labret stud. This jewelry has a fixed and flat back and a threaded, removable accessory (such as a ball on its front).

Though a labret stud is commonly used as jewelry for lip piercings, it is also used in the case of ear piercings and nose piercings. The area of the lip where the piercing is to be done is first marked out on the lip, and then a needle is passed through the lip’s skin to make the Ashley piercing get done. After that, the jewellery of a labret stud is inserted into it. 

There are different kinds of materials through which the jewelry of Ashley piercings is made. They are implant-rated stainless steel, gold, titanium, and pure sterling silver.

Best Practices To Choose Right Ashley Piercing Jewelry Metal

However, whichever material you choose for your Ashley piercing jewelry, ensure that the material is an inert metal. This is because inert metals are known never to cause allergies inside your skin.

The implant-rated stainless steel is a common jewellery metal that does contain nickel in it. So, this metal piercing jewelry could affect an allergic reaction. From other points of view, the metal is safe, though.  

Are you an enthusiast of gold jewellery? Then, it’s essential to check if the metal comprises 14 karats or a greater quantity of gold in it. The jewellery could be a little too soft if that would not the case. Also, such a case may harbor bacteria in your piercing area.

Titanium is another promising metal that will save you from any type of allergic reaction and irritations. So, it is also one of the safest options, like gold. The metal doesn’t comprise any nickel. Also, it will never get tarnished. Again, jewellery made of titanium is lightweight. Thus, you will never feel like changing the initially placed jewellery of titanium. 

Pure Sterling Silver is another metal that may also be considered for making Ashley piercing jewelry. However, you are needed to consult about it with the piercer first and take his suggestion into it. This is because, by any chance, if the sterling silver is not 100 percent pure, it may harbor bacteria in your pierced region. Also, like gold, pure sterling silver is too soft.

Wrapping Up

So, when will you have an Ashley piercing on your lip? Whenever it may be, don’t forget to consult with your piercer firsthand for it. Your piercer will guide you properly about this piercing. Also, don’t compromise with the experience and expertise of a piercer by trotting after an inexpensive piercer. Besides, don’t risk choosing inappropriate jewellery for your lip. An experienced piercer will help his customers to select the best jewelry for their Ashley piercings. 


Q.1. Does the Ashley piercing hurt?

Answer: Yes, like other piercings, the Ashley piercing will also hurt as a needle will pass through your lip in this piercing. However, the pain level of this piercing is very low. The pain level of Ashley piercings is virtually 5 or 6. So, you will not be hurt much by this piercing. 

Q.2. How long does an Ashley piercing last?

Answer: Ashley piercing generally lasts for 12 to 16 weeks. After that, you will see that the piercing wound has been rehabilitated. But, within this 12 to 16 weeks, you are required to change the initial jewellery of the piercing. 

Q.3. How do you kiss someone with an Ashley piercing?

Answer: While kissing someone who is having an Ashley piercing, you have to be gentle and soft around the pierced area of the person. After gently kissing that area, observe their level of comfort. So, never kiss aggressively on the pierced area of a person. 

Q.4. How long after Ashley piercing can you kiss?

Answer: Though, approximately after 4 to 6 weeks of Ashley piercing, you can kiss; still, it all depends upon your lip piercing’s location. Remember that while kissing your partner, your partner’s lips must be closed, and their jewellery must be still.

Q.5. How do you eat with Ashley piercing?

Answer: While eating with your Ashley piercing lip, you should be careful about the front and back parts of the piercing. It will be wise to carry a toothbrush as well as toothpaste with you while you eat. This is because, in between your meals, you can promptly clean your mouth with their help to avoid infection. Never eat in a hurry if you carry an Ashley piercing on your lip. Always eat gently, taking some time in hand. 

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