What is Phasmophobia Definition: Ghost Types, Causes and Myths

by Karm yogi
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Phasmophobia: It’s midnight, you watched a very scary movie 3 days ago, and suddenly you wake up and feel someone staring at you. Cut to the next day, and you could not sleep the whole night, now you can not focus in your class and workplace.

This might be a serious problem, you see.

Although, according to recent research conducted in the united nations about four in ten Americans believe in ghosts. According to a survey conducted in 2021, 36 percent of respondents from the United States said that they believed in ghosts.

Women are more likely to believe in ghosts, but men generally believe more in UFOs.This tells us that humans are afraid of what they usually either don’t understand or what they do not want to face.

See, I do not deny the existence of spirits; souls do exist. And if there is some good stuff? There has also a bad of it. So good souls and bad souls exist, but that does not mean you have to be afraid of it.

So let us look at it scientifically:


Medical science is not yet sure why Phasmophobia of any kind develop, but what we do know is, any kind of traits in an individual are genetic to the most extent.

But we can not blame everything on genetics, right? See, an individual’s personality is formed through their experiences.

The experiences include growing up hearing scary stories and movies which causes the mind always to be thinking about these “scary things”.

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Clearing up myths

Phasmophobia Myths
Phasmophobia Myths

One of the biggest myths is the fear of death, commonly known as thanatophobia. And Phasmophobia are the same, well, spoiler alert. They are not.

See, being afraid of ghosts etc, can be an ultimate result of being scared to die, but it is still not technically the same. People would choose death over being scared to their bones by some ghost.

So yeah, not the same. They are interrelated but not the same; that is the conclusion.

More phobias related to this one is autophobia or, as famously known, the fear of being alone. Fear of darkness, fear of nights, fear of shadows. The list can go on. The more you dig, the deeper it gets.

Now enough description, right? Let’s talk about curing this phobia, or as I like to say, weakness.


The cure

I am not going to suggest you some antidepressants or something like that.

As I said initially, we do not understand it and do not wish to do so.

I have been a victim of this weakness too, do not let the western media fill your head with their, you know, not-so-working medicines and charge you every month for some antidepressants. You might get addicted to, you know, which will make things worse.

We have to understand and accept that we are mortals, and we are all doomed to die.

Everything you and I are or are not aware of will get terminated sooner or later.o if everyone and everything has to die, why fear it?

It really is the final destination! I would share my own experience, and I read a quote somewhere that said:

“In moments of weakness, you must be strong or at least act like it.”

That is all I did. I would get so scared of simple movies like annihilation, which had a good plot.

I got out of my house after watching it and was so scared that something would come out of the bushes and beat me brutally,

At that moment, I applied the quote and honestly said?

Even if I am scared, I don’t feel it much because I act or at least make efforts.

I also got into spirituality and read books about life, and the book that changed my life is Srimad Bhagwat Gita, which gives you the conclusion of everything you need and want.

The conclusion

● The best thing can advise you is, to try to be strong in moments of weakness, and talk about Phasmophobia with a professional counselor if needed. The more you talk about your thoughts, the clearer you will be about them.

● Read the Gita.

● Consume positive content.

There is a quote on my mind that I feel is the right time to share with you,

Watch your thoughts; they become actions, your actions will become your habit, your habits will become your character, your character will become your life, and your life? It shall form your destiny. 

So focus on what you want to grow, focus on positivity.

That is all for today folks, wishing you strength for fighting the challenges of life.

Keep learning!

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