What is Ganda Yoga in Astrology?

by Mousumi Mukherjee
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Have you heard of Ganda Yoga? It’s one of the twenty-seven yogas existing in Hindu astrology. The calculation of this yoga is done by the sun’s and moon’s degrees starting from Ashwini Nakshatra.

The word Ganda in Ganda Yoga means ‘bad.’ So, Ganda Yoga is, not to mention, bad yoga. Fire or Agni is this yoga’s lord. Among the 27 yoga, it’s the 6th one. Some people in Hindu communities avoid this yoga when selecting dates for any auspicious events. 

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Gandanta & Ganda Yoga In Detail:

Gandanta & Ganda Yoga In Detail

The word ‘Gand’ in Gandanta or Ganda Yoga means ‘knot,’ whereas ‘Anta’ denotes ‘End’. So, Gandanta means the knot at the ‘Anta’ or ‘end’. Gandanta is the zodiac’s area that falls at the transition point of the water (‘Jal’) element to the ‘Agni’ or ‘fire’ element. The points arise in 3 places. They are:

  • The junctions that come between two Rashis, Pisces & Aries
  • Junctions that come between two Rashis, Cancer & Leo
  • The junctions that come between two Rashis, Scorpio & Sagittarius

Gandanta’s creation process is cyclical, which starts with creation and ends with the nullification of the entire creation into nothing. The order of the signs’ elements is in the cycle of creation’s order. The signs may be ordered as:

  • Fire
  • Earth
  • Air
  • Water

Leo, Sagittarius & Aries are the Fire signs. Pisces, Scorpio & Cancer are the water signs. 

Gemini, Aquarius& Libra are the Air signs. Virgo, Taurus & Capricorn are the Earth signs.

That’s why it represents the creative process & the dissolution process thrice, with each process starting at the outset of the 3 Fire signs, that is, Aries, Sagittarius & Leo.

At these points, the nakshatras present are Moola, Magha & Ashwini. The water element sign’s end indicates the dissolution. This is present on the verge of Cancer, Pisces & Scorpio, the 3 water signs. 

At this point, the nakshatras present are Ashlesha, Revati & Jyeshtha. If you are able to visualize the stream that results from the meeting of fire with water, it is susceptible to comprehend that vapor will be formed.

Therefore, the points at these 2 processes’ juncture are extremely volatile & named Gandanta. 

Ganda Yoga Information

Ganda Yoga in astrology is the tenth Naisargika or Nitya yoga. Agni rules this yoga & it is considered to be a malefic one. This is particular of the 1st six Ghatis of this Yoga.

Compared to Vyatipata or Vaidhriti, the higher-ordered malefic Yogas, there are seven malefic Yogas of lower orders. Ganda Yoga is one of those lower-ordered yogas.

The effect of Ganda Yoga may be depicted as “knots” or ” obstacles.” The Graha, Shani rule Ganda. 

The natives of this yoga possess a destructive mind. They are inclined to hypocrisy & are said to trouble their mothers. They may also suffer from throat-related ailments. Again, the native of Ganda Yoga possesses large-sized hands, chin & feet.

It is believed that a person born in Atiganda Yoga’s final stage will definitely destroy their family’s reputation. 

The persons with Ganda Yoga are believed to be rich, aggressive, disputing, garrulous, sagacious, exceptionally truthful & proud. They are expected to beget auspicious effects & are agreeable in speech. 

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Connection Between Gandanta Rashi & Ganda Yoga:

Connection Between Gandanta Rashi & Ganda Yoga

The Gandanta points are the last three degrees and twenty minutes of the “Jal” or Water Gandanta Rashi (zodiac sign) & the 1st three degrees and twenty minutes of the “Agni” or Fire Gandanta Rashi.

A few people take the last four degrees of the “Jal” or Water symbols as Gandanta. It aligns with the Fire sign’s 1st pada & the water sign’s last pada. 

This is the fourth pada of Jyestha, Revati & Ashlesha nakshatras (stars) & the first pada of Moola, Ashwini & Magha nakshatras. Thus, the planets that remain closer to the edge (verge) of the Gandanta Rashi are more knotted up & are known to cause troubles like the troubles of Ganda Yoga. 

When a person’s rising sign or Lagna falls within the degrees of Gandanta, it’s called Lagna Gandanta. A person’s moon in the zodiac’s Gandanta zone is called Nakshatra Gandanta.

Tithi Gandanta occurs during the New Moon, the 5th day after Panchami, the 10th day after Dasami (new moon) & the Full Moon day. 

Suppose a person is born with Gandantar Yoga in their Kundali, which is also called Ganda Yoga in astrology. In that case, they are caught exactly in the heart of the turmoil during the end of an old cycle’s destruction & a new cycle’s beginning.

The planets that reside in Gandanta also confront surly effects. The Ganda Yoga creates a metaphorical knot/problem that is difficult to unfasten or untangle in the person’s life.

This karmic knot depicts some problem in the person’s life & this problem results in a metaphorical knot in their life in the form of suffering & pain.  

Remedies OF Ganda Yoga:

People who have impending trouble with this yoga are asked to offer prayers to Lord Ganesha, Lord Hanuman & Lord Shiva. Giving donations in the form of clothes or food to poor people is highly meritorious for nullifying the poor consequences of this yoga.

Water-related charities like digging wells, delivering water to dried areas, or assisting in water supply worthy too for abolishing the bad influences of this Yoga.  


Q.1. What is ATI Ganda Yoga?

Answer: ATI Ganda Yoga is a very bad yoga. People born with this yoga become extremely rich, aggressive, debating & proud. Their mind is usually destructive & has an inclination toward hypocrisy. They are believed to trouble their mother & suffer from throat ailments.

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