What is a Unibrow? How To Get Rid Of A Unibrow

by Mouli Chakraborty
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Are you feeling tired with your usual unibrow looks? Then probably it’s high time to bring about some changes in your appearances. A unibrow or its clinical term synophrys is a facial impression in which a person likely grows hair at the center of the forehead. Thus, it appears like a single bold eyebrow.

Though the beauty about your face indeed is its uniqueness, still plucking your eyebrows regularly will give you a clear look. So, why not bother yourself to know the procedure of getting rid of unibrow?

Follow this article till the end and have some idea about: what is a unibrow! Way to trim eyebrows, unibrow vs monobrow, and more.

What is a unibrow?

A pair of eyebrows getting connected at a single point of your forehead can be a reason for stress. Many test results of subjects developing unibrow found that the hair at the forehead region gradually gets dense. And it causes the fusion of the two eyebrows mainly because of the presence of some specific genes. The gene dubbed PAX3 is mainly responsible for unibrows ( source: mentalfloss.com).

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Monobrow vs Unibrow. Are they the same?

People interchangeably use the terms monobrow and unibrow. But there exists some minute difference between the two. In the case of a unibrow, it is an eyebrow pair that joins at the middle. On the contrary, the monobrow is a single eyebrow that meets at the middle.

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How to get rid of a unibrow?

How to get rid of a unibrow
How to get rid of a unibrow

It has been observed that many are not satisfied with their unibrows. So, soon, the cosmetic industry will find some solution to getting rid of these hairy eyebrows permanently. You can try out procedures to pluck or tweeze the eyebrows until then!

Pluck your eyebrows

Plucking extra hairs next to your eyebrows is the simplest way to shape them and get rid of the unibrow. Also, among the alternatives to hair removal, it’s the most inexpensive way. As a prerequisite, you would require tweezers to complete the process.

Now, let’s focus on how to pluck eyebrows! Particularly the unibrow by the help of following steps.

  • Take a shower to shape your eyebrows in a refreshing mood.
  • Then while plucking your eyebrows, consider working through single hair at a time formula.
  • To have a grip over the root of your hair, gently stretch the skin of your forehead.
  • Following the swift motion, start slowly pulling one hair at a time. While pulling, follow the hair direction only. Otherwise, it will cause discomfort to you.
  • Once done, it’s all better to apply a gel or lotion to the region.

How long does eyebrow plucking last?

The frequency over which you are expected to pluck your eyebrows varies from person to person. It will last at least six weeks unless your hair tends to grow more frequently than expected.

Note, as a side effect, after unibrow pluck; you may experience slight irritation or redness. But that also gets comfortable once you sterilize the tweezer before using it.

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Shaving your eyebrows

How to trim your eyebrows
How to trim your eyebrows

Another temporal way of shaping your eyebrows is in the form of shaving them. But the only issue with shaving eyebrows is that it comes to its original form much earlier than other methods like plucking.

How to shave unibrow?

Before shaving the unibrow, you should be cautious about the kind of razor you are using for it. It’s better to avoid rusty ones. So, always go with the safety eyebrow touch-up razors. Here’s stepwise insight about how to shave eyebrows with the razor!

  • First, apply a reasonable amount of shaving cream to the middle of your eyebrow area. Be careful that the standard cream does not get overspread at your eyebrow region.
  • Then it’s better to mark the region. You have planned to shave with a pencil or pen. Highlight specifically the point where your both eyebrows meet.
  • Once done, place the safety razor under tap water to wet it. Further, start shaving from the eyebrow line up to the very top of your nose bridge.
  • If you feel satisfied, then you begin slowly wiping the shaving cream and rubbing the hair out with a wet towel.
  • Now, it’s time to perform the final touch-over since it has been done. You can use a tweezer to remove the extra stray hair in this round.

Trimming eyebrows or unibrow

Another solution you can think of about shaping your unibrow is by trimming it appropriately. But even for beauticians, the trimming part is too delicate to avoid over-trimmed eyebrows. As a matter of concern, if you are confident to trim it at home, then smartly pick up the tools before starting it off.

Basic trimming tools

In your cart, collect a spoolie brush with soft bristles and easy-to-use scissors. Standard tweezers and lastly, a pair of chic. ( Kindly note, in the case of scissors, it’s best to have curved blades along with a sharp top).

Tips on how to trim your eyebrows!

  • The best way to avoid over-trimming your unibrow is by filling it up with a dark pencil.
  • Figure out all the extra hair at the eyebrow regions using a spoolie wand. Once you brush it in an upward direction, it will make you identify the hair you should trim immediately.
  • Start trimming the brow hair by picking long curved hair at a time. Though it consumes more time, that is the safest option you can think of.
  • Assess your trimming process, and in case there remains some extra hair, then only trim it. If the brows come in a proper shape, stop searching for small extra hair.

You can complete the trimming by doing an end touch to your eyebrows with a branded styling gel. Make sure that you apply it in an up-and-out hair direction.

Eyebrow Waxing

But all three methods of getting rid of a unibrow are temporal. When you think of something that stays for a longer time, it’s none other than eyebrow waxing. It’s a wax-based home remedy to avoid unibrow. For that, you can purchase either wax-covered strips or home waxing kits. Here’s how:

  • Follow the instructions, and based on that, place it inside a microwave. Stir the wax so that it gets melted entirely. Ideally, wait for half or one minute.
  • With the help of a pencil or similar tool, spread the wax at the middle of your two eyebrows. Then gently remove the hair. ( If by any chance you place the wax at your eyebrows, then rinse it).
  • Take the strip given in the box and cover it over the wax. Start patting the strip over the forehead region. However, avoid any part which you don’t want to remove.
  • Now cool the wax and wait for it to get hard. You may take the support of your friends here.
  • Once you have removed the strip, then to cure the pain and prevent red swelling, you can apply some ice cube or cold water there.

 Side effects associated with waxing

It’s highly recommendable to consult a dermatologist before deciding on waxing your unibrow. If you are under a prescribed acne medication, it is best to look for alternatives. Other side effects associated with an outcome of waxing are :

  • Sunburn.
  • Developing sensitive skin.
  • Having irritated skin and more.

Removing eyebrow hair with laser

If you want to consult a professional and have decided to restrict further hair growth at the middle of your eyebrows, laser treatment is another choice. But the only issue you should consider about laser hair removal is its high cost. However, if you have an adequate budget, then it’s the only permanent way to lose extra eyebrow hair.

The professional treatment often takes up to a few sessions, which are reasonable for other modes of treatment like electrolysis. If you develop scars or red patches on that region after that treatment, don’t panic, as it is natural. In that scenario, you can apply cold packs at the swelled-up regions.

Final thoughts

Since now you know many ways on how to get rid of a unibrow! Therefore, you can pick what matches your considerations and what is convenient for you at the end of the day. But if possible, avoid waxing or laser treatment as those can cause skin burn or irritation. Other than that, if you have consulted professionals and dermatologists and are confident about your skin then go for any of the methods. So, get ready to finally shape up your eyebrows!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1. Is unibrow good or bad?

Answer- There’s nothing good or bad in anything related to your appearance. On the contrary, the unibrow is a good sign of fortune and strength. What’s important is confidence in your looks. So, if you think of shaping your eyebrows, you can follow the above methods and safely do it.

Q.2. What causes a unibrow?

Answer- The most common cause of having a unibrow is your genes. Many test results of subjects developing unibrow found that the hair at the forehead region gradually gets dense. And it causes the fusion of the two eyebrows mainly because of the presence of some specific genes. Mainly the gene dubbed PAX3 variants is responsible for unibrows.

Q.3. How do you get rid of a unibrow?

Answer- You can get rid of a unibrow by regularly plucking your eyebrows, trimming your eyebrows, shaving them, or waxing your unibrow.

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