What is a Septum Nose Piercing and How Much It Cost and Hurt

by Karm yogi
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Last night, I was surfing through news articles, and I saw something unusual yet beautiful, so I researched more and more about it. In the end, I was silent because, wow, it had so much meaning, and it’s not something that is not seen around. I mean, people are already doing it. Yes, I am talking about septum nose piercing.

For those who still can not picture it, remember bulls? Yeahhhhh, now you 

got it.

It was only seen in pop culture, but thanks to the celebs it is getting famous.

If you are brainstorming the idea of getting one yourself? Read ahead, and I am pretty sure you will have everything you need.

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Yeah, see, the question is, can anyone get it? Or in just like everything, there are exceptions?

Well, there are exceptions. 

Just like everything, the noses of different persons are different too.

The columella is a crucial part of getting a septum ring, and it is a thin flesh that sits between the cartilage of your nose.

Now that columella is important as piercing, when done through that, it hurts less.

If you don’t have it or have something unique, it might hurt more and take longer to heal.

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Procedure of Septum Nose Piercing

Procedure of Septum Nose Piercing
Procedure of Septum Nose Piercing

After being done with the documents, proving your identity, then choose your body artist who will do the piercing.

Once everything is done, you will lie on a recliner, and your nose’s piercing will be disinfected.

There are different techniques used for doing the piercing, for example:

  • The freehand method, where the artist just uses a needle.
  • Using tools to physically lift your nostrils and then use the needle,
  • Then the jewelry is slipped as soon as the needle is taken out.
  • The entire procedure takes very little time, from 1-5 mins max.

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How Bad Does a Septum Nose Piercing Hurt?

See, to get a hole in your body it hurts.

But, the pain is rated 7/10.

It’s a funny experience, and it’s like sneezing but with pain.

Some folks experience the pain to be more when the jewelry is in the hole, the piercing is still fresh, and a piece of metal jewelry is suspended from it.

It is painful but not that much.

According to a study, if you are very conscious of getting a painful experience, you will.

So be calm.

If the pain remains for more than 1 week, it can be a sign of infection, so better get it checked.

Septum Piercing Cost

Septum Piercing Cost
Septum Piercing Cost

See, as always, it all boils down to money.

The price in the international market for getting pierced can be anything between 40-100USD.

For the Indian folks, 3-5 thousand INR for getting a good quality piercing.

Now the jewelry? Man, anything you can pay.

The rings, if you want to look at some, click here

Some Extra Information

Here is a list of metals you should and can use for the whole procedure, backed by medical science.

●     Stainless surgical steel metal is used everywhere in medical practices, and it does not cost much, so yes, you can go for it, medical implants are also made of this, so it is safe to get pierced.

●     Titanium, it sounds so expensive, no? Well, it is! It is good for people who have nickel allergies, and the only downside is that it may also make a hole in your pocket. 

●     Gold 14 carat or higher, this option is for those who can afford it, gold is good for the body, so yes, you can get piercing with it.

● For those who want something as safe as titanium but not as expensive as gold, welcome Niobium; this metal has the same abilities as titanium, but it is not certified for implants, but it is cool as we just have to pierce with it through the body. It is cheaper than titanium but more expensive than stainless steel.

And if you are worried about health issues after this?

Well, there are some, and I will let you know.

  1. Allergic reactions: Metals that are used while piercing if contains nickel can cause some allergic reactions to some people.
  2. Chances of getting infected: A fresh hole, bacterias will be excited. So for this, you can use disinfecting liquids to tackle that problem.
  3. Tearing: Getting chills if your jewelry is heavy? It might get torn up, yeahhhhh soo get a lightweight one?
  4. Other are bloodborne diseases and scarring. These things are expected again use disinfecting liquids and for scarring, god knows, lol.

Septum Nose Piercing DOs & Dont’s

●     Do not: 

  • Don’t touch it because it will increase the chances of infection and deteriorate the healing procedure.
  • Using products that contain alcohol will create infections, and you will feel a burning sensation.
  • Don’t overclean your piercing; 2-3 times a day is enough.

● Do:

  • Get regular check-ups from your doctor because just in case you have an infection, the doctor can identify and cure it. 
  • Use water to clean it, so dust and germs will stay away.

Cultural meaning

Nowadays, we see rebellious people wearing these things either to stand out from the crowd or to make a statement.

But in many cultures, the septum ring has a meaning to it.

Septum piercing originates from warrior cultures and Indian culture.

Indian culture historically and scientifically being the oldest civilization, throughout history we can see, these people do not leave any chance to express themselves, hence from ear to nose even septum rings. 

If we travel to the west, we will see that historically the northern tribes of Americans also loved to wear and show off their septum piercings. 

Different kinds of jewelry represent different cultures; the hunter tribes used to wear their enemy’s bone-made piercings or small animal bones.

And fast-forward to now, celebrities wear them, and the size has gotten smaller in the modern world, but the piercing remains the same.

And now comes the final part of this article; last but not least, let’s go over the FAQs.


Q.1. Is a septum piercing painful?

Ans. Well, yes, but if you try to be calm, the pain would not feel that much; just try not to focus on it. And the pain is 7\10; it is the average on the feedback of people who got the piercing.

Q.2. What does a septum piercing symbolize?

Ans. Like already mentioned, different piercings symbolizes different things, and it is the jewelry that gives meaning; piercing is nothing. It makes you look more bold and confident, and even pretty.

Q.3. What is bad about getting a septum piercing?

Ans. Well, that is entirely different, and your opinion can really vary from mine, I would say the pain and the aftercare. But if you can do it, worth it. Truly.

That is it, folks; as always, the purpose was to make you more knowledgeable, give you a new perspective. 

Keep reading, keep learning. 

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