What is a Medusa Piercing | Cleaning and Aftercare Tips

by Mousumi Mukherjee
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Enough of wearing earrings on your ears. How about trying some earrings above your lip? Started right? Might be thinking, is it possible to wear earrings over one’s lip! Yes, it is really possible, and in fact, many celebrities or fashion lovers wear it like that. It’s called Medusa Piercing.

But why is it called a medusa lip piercing? And, is this piercing painful? Come, let’s discuss all these things:

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What Exactly Is A Medusa Piercing?

It’s a kind of piercing that is done below your nose and above your lip. The piercing requires some extra time for healing as compared to other piercings that are done over the ears.

The piercing sits exactly in the philtrum area (also known as Cupid’s bow area) and thus is also known as philtrum piercing or Cupid’s bow piercing. The inverse labret is also another name for this piercing. 

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Why Is It Called A Medusa Piercing?

Why Is It Called A Medusa Piercing
Why Is It Called A Medusa Piercing

Medusa piercing was labeled after a hairstylist who was born in Canada. Medusa piercings are situated in the region of the philtrum. It’s an indentation that is fixed slightly above one’s upper lip.

The piercing is termed medusa piercing because the name sounds more impressive than a philtrum piercing. Medusa denotes female power. It’s a feminist symbol representing freedom and transformation. 

Some folks also speculate that the Medusa piercing, titled medusa, is called after a celebrated or gruesome victim of a Hollywood murder. And it’s none other than Elizabeth Short. She is also recalled as the Black Dahlia. 

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Medusa Piercing Scar

Medusa Piercing Scar
Medusa Piercing Scar

A Medusa piercing, like other piercings, does leave some scars. However, the scars, in this case, are minimal. They usually have discreet colors.

Though not all people face scars in Medusa piercing, only a few people experience these scars. These scars can be more severe for some people as oral piercings are inclined towards hypertrophic scarring. 

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Medusa Piercing Healing

Now, you might be guessing, how long does a medusa piercing take to heal, right? Well! It takes nearly 8 – 12 weeks for a medusa piercing to heal completely. However, it all depends on how well you are taking care of yourself and your piercing.

Also, during the healing operation, you must follow your aftercare routine given to you by the piercing professional for the speedy recovery of your piercing.

How to take care of your piercing so that it heals fast? Well! Here are some suggestions for the medusa piercing aftercare:

  • Clean your piercing only after washing your hands thoroughly with water and soap.
  • Using a sterile solution (saline-based) such as aftercare spray or wash spray helps. Apply it with the help of a gauze piece. You have to use them at least twice every day.
  • Practicing proper oral hygiene is necessary.
  • Buy a new toothbrush and use it instead of your old brush. Also, try to maintain the cleanliness of the brush and ensure that others are not using your brush. 
  • Elevate your head while sleeping and keep on giving cold compresses to reduce your medusa piercing swelling. 
  • Dry the area using disposable products and not cloth products. This is because cloth products may harbor germs.
  • Don’t rotate your jewelry in that area.
  • Use mouthwash to clean the wound’s inside. 

What You Ought Not To Do At The Time Of The Healing Period Of The Piercing:

  • Avert touching your jewelry
  • Don’t keep on chewing gum. Evade anything (such as your fingernails) that affects an improvement of bacteria (infection-causing) or trauma in the area
  • Evade partaking of your utensils and dinnerware (like your cups, plates, etc.) with other individuals. 
  • Avert immersing yourself in any mouth-related action. 
  • Consume food unhurriedly and in little bites.
  • Don’t eat acidic foods for a few days.
  • Drinking cold food and beverages soothes the piercing.

Besides, DaVo also recommends some extra measures for reducing your swell. For example, a change in diet sometimes helps. Also, taking soft foods for eating and avoiding foods (such as extremely hot foods, salty foods, spicy foods, and sticky foods) comes of great help at times.

Again, cutting alcohol, smoking, and vaping are also good habits. Don’t try to agitate the piercing (at least the 1st 3 -5 days).

Furthermore, eating yogurt in a large amount greatly assists the piercing in healing fast. You may also rinse the area a couple of times a day with the help of warm water or sea salt.

With the healing of the area, you might feel the wearing of your jewelry is too long. It would turn on to be trouble for you. You might downsize your longer jewelry into a shorter stud in such a case.

A shorter piece of jewelry will ensure that you don’t have any damage to your gums, teeth, or bones.

How To Clean A Medusa Piercing?

Rinse your mouth every day during bedtime or after meals with a cleaning solution for cleaning a medusa piercing. Do it for 30 seconds. However, if you clean your mouth too frequently and continue rinsing your mouth now and then, it will result in discoloration or irritation of the areas surrounding your mouth and the piercing. 

Risks Or Side Effects Of Medusa Piercing:

Any piercing that is done new is risky and may lead to infection. And, when it’s medusa piercings, the chances of infections are more. After going through a medusa piercings, one must remember that she must not kiss for the 1st two weeks.

Also, committing any kind of physical relationship orally is strictly prohibited these days. The infection’s symptoms are:

  • The surrounding areas of your medusa piercings may turn dark and discolored.
  • Your wound may leak pus or blood.
  • You may feel unwell or shivery.

If the above symptoms occurs after undergoing medusa piercings, you should book a meeting with a doctor or medical professional.

You must not remove the jewelry from your piercing before meeting your doctor. Your doctor will examine the wound and relate the infection symptoms with the jewelry or its position as well.  

According to a research conducted in 2020, persons undergoing medusa piercings may face any of the below side effects:

  • Gum recession and gingivitis
  • Tongue lesions
  • Frenulum thickening 
  • Fractured tooth

The same study or research also indicated the importance of maintaining a decent oral health routine, especially for those who have undergone one or more than one medusa or other oral piercings.

Besides, some habits also affect those people oral health who have undergone oral piercings. They are:

  • Lip biting
  • Thumping the jewelry against one’s teeth
  • Smoking
  • Fiddling with the jewelry using one’s tongue
  • Nail-biting

Some people experiences or develops an allergic reaction to wearing metal jewelry. So, if you one of those person who is suffering from any kind of metal allergy, you should not wear metal jewelry after the piercing. 

Wrapping Up

So, there’s nothing wrong with undergoing a Medusa piercing, but you have to proceed carefully both before and after this piercing. The aftercare part is primarily the most necessary one for making the Medusa piercings heal fast. 


Q.1. How painful is the Medusa piercing?

Answer: Our lips or areas surrounding our lips comprise more nerve ends than those in our other body parts. So, Medusa piercings will cause somewhat more pain during the piercing process than during the piercing of earlobes. However, you can expect it to be quick. Besides, every person has a different tolerance level for pain. So, it all depends on you how much pain you will experience during or after the piercing. 

Q.2. How long do Medusa piercings last?

Answer: The severe pain of the Medusa piercings can last somewhere between 7 to 10 days. However, after the severe period is over, your pain will last for anywhere between 8-12 weeks. It all depends on how well you take care of your pierced area. 

Q.3. Does medusa piercing hurt teeth?

Answer: Yes, any oral piercing (also medusa piercings) can damage your gums or teeth. You may notice some problems after medusa or any other oral piercing like recesses, shedding away of your teeth enamel, gingivitis, etc. If you go through medusa piercings, you must keep your piercing clean and tidy, brush your teeth regularly and use good mouthwash after completing your meals. 

Q.4. Why is a Medusa piercing called a medusa?

Answer: Medusa piercing, titled medusa, is named after an infamous or gruesome victim of a Hollywood murder. And it’s none other than Elizabeth Short. She is also remembered as the Black Dahlia.

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