What are the benefits of the cool-down period following exercise?

by Dheeraj Prarthi
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In a health forum, I got a question What are the benefits of the cool-down period following exercise? So, in this article, we’ll talk about this. In today’s world, everyone loves fitness, everyone loves to do exercise, jog, run, etc. Today everyone wants to build their physique in the best possible way. They do a workout, run, jog, to tone up their body to look impressive in front of others. But nowadays I see many people don’t concentrate on cooling down their bodies. This is why they get injuries and can’t get full growth in their body.

why is it important to cool down after exercise?

I see many people doing warm-up in gyms or in parks but I rarely see people doing a cool down just after their exercise. They rather drink their proteins but no one bothers to do cool down, which is equally important. Cooling down after exercise is also important because it will cause the risk of gaining weight. Maybe you will do a workout the next day in lesser time.

What are the benefits of the cool-down period following exercise?

what happens if you don’t cool down after exercise?

There are enormous losses on your health if you don’t cool down after exercise. Let me tell you in points.

  • You will not able to do a workout on the next day of your routine.
  • Blood can easily be pooled in the exercise part of your body and it will reduce the arrival of blood to the heart.
  • It will lead to the risk of gaining weight.
  • It will start reducing your workout time.

Importance of warmup and cool down

Cooling down has many benefits as it helps to reduce lactic acid in our body which helps us not having any kind of stiffness or cramps. Cooling down is as important as warming up. Just the difference is warming up is at the beginning of the workout and cooling down is after the workout. Both are important to reduce the risk of having an injury or any stiffness in the body.

Psychological benefits of a cool down

The Psychological benefits of cooling downplay is a major role to make the blood flow and heart rate to be normal. For eg. if your workout was of running do a simple jog and then walk for 5- 10 minutes to make your heart rate normal and if your workout was of any particular muscle then after workout stretch those muscles to prevent it from building lactic acid in your muscles. Cooling down will make your heartbeat to the normal rate, the rate at which you started the workout. It gives your body relaxation, and I have self-realized that cooling down your body gives you motivation it sends a signal to your mind that you have completed your workout.

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cool down exercises

Yes, I know you are thinking that what are the ways to cool down your body after an intense workout or cardio session so if you are doing a body workout you lift weights which burn calories and make your heart beat fast, this also includes continuous tension in the muscles.

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So after finishing your workout you can stretch your muscles which were involved in that workout. Stretch for about 5 to 10 minutes. Straight your arms and touch your toes without bending your knees this will stretch your back and hamstring which will give you relief and prevent your body from any type of stiffness. If your workout is of the cardio session then gradually your heartbeat will rase up and you will breathe heavily, so make sure that you should make your body cool down by doing a slow jog or by walking for 5 to 10 min so that your heartbeat gets normal, and your blood flow gets normal from where you started your cardio.

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It also helps to stop building lactic acid in your body, and it is important to stop building lactic acid because it can create stiffness, cramps, and can cause you injury. So one should always cool down their body.

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