KSI a famous Youtube celebrity shows amazing body transformation in a span of 7 months

The star loses 30 LBS to prepare himself for a fight against Alex Wassabi

KSI whose real name is JJ Olatunji is making a comeback after 2 years in the ring to fight his rival Wassabi

His last match was with Logan Paul in 2019 in which he won and returned to Youtube for focusing on music

KSI weight gain was a result from staying away from the ring for a long period

He uploaded his weight loss transformation video of seven months on Instagram

The video begins with his 1st January 2022 large physique and by the end of video his six pack abs are visible

In an open conference KSI claims he lost all this weight for his rival Wassabi and eager to back in boxing attire to beat him

KSI is still undefeated in the ring and will continue his winning streak after beating Alex Wassabi on August 27