People nowadays have no control over their diet and eat junk food which causes constipation

Constipation problem emerges in the past few years due to the improper lifestyle of people

Constipation locks the bowel movements which causes pain in the stomach but thankfully there are few poses which help to tackle this problem

The peacock pose is one of the best poses which enhance digestion that helps easy bowel movements and cure constipation

The plough pose stimulates abdominal organs & strengthens back muscles which improve flow of blood in the pelvic region & give relief from constipation

Cobra pose is known for improving strength in the abdominal & back regions and regular practice of it cures constipation

The adamant pose works in the lower limb region and strengthens the digestive tract which results in relief from constipation

Another yoga pose which helps in constipation is Child's pose which helps in smooth bowel movement

If your constipation stays for a longer period then without delay contact your doctor immediately