All are pretty aware of the famous personality and former politician Pam Bondi

There was a time when Pam Bondi going through weight gain & saw her fat in the mirror

Pam Bondi then decided that the right to lose weight has now come & that's why she has a perfect figure till date

The first thing Pam Bondi do for weight loss is to focus on a healthy lifestyle despite her busy schedule

The popular politician fixed the same time for her breakfast, lunch, and dinner daily and followed it seriously

Bondi's main focus is on vegetarian diet and sources said that she is not fond of meat & other non veg items

Moreover, completely discarded smoking & alcoholic drinks from her lifestyle

Upon searching multiple sources on the internet, Pam Bondi never had weight loss pills for quick fat loss

Seeing her transformation many think she had gastric bypass surgery but Pam Bondi never confirmed it

Three major components of Pam Bondi weight loss were "Time Management", "Less Eating", and "Consistency"