A recent study on a group of 300 volunteers shows that taking extra Vitamin B6 actually improves mental health

Vitamin B has a crucial role in many of the body's anabolic and catabolic reactions which are necessary for the nervous system and brain function

This recent study looked at the effects of Vitamin B6 on one's brain activity

There are over 300 people who volunteered for this study - some of them were given vitamin B6, while others got vitamin B12

Both of these B6 and B12 supplements are well over the recommended daily dosage

The research concluded that vitamin B6 outperformed vitamin B12 tested for its ability to improve mental health

After an entire month of taking B6 pills, study participants felt relief from anxiety and depression

Vitamin B6 is needed for the production of GABA, a chemical that prevents impulses between brain cells

GABA has long been known for its calming effects. It regulates neurons which cause high levels of anxiety, stress, and terror