Our genetics are made as such that only men tend to have beards and moustaches

However, due to some hormonal imbalance or genetic issue some women have long upper lip hairs

Generally, it's quite common for women to have hairs on their upper lips but in minimal proportion

Check these natural remedies to remove hairs from upper lips at home naturally

Mixing turmeric and milk and making its paste will help to remove upper lip hair if applied for a few weeks

Mix sugar & cornflour with egg whites and apply them on the upper lips, do this 2 times a week to get rid of upper lips hair

Mixing sugar and lemon drops on upper lips will help to get rid of that unwanted hair 

The trio of Yogurt, Honey, and Turmeric mixture prepares a magical paste that removes the upper lips hair

Grated papaya and milk paste have magical components which remove dead cells as well as remove unwanted hair from the lips