The cobra Yoga pose is one of the most practised poses in yoga and is also known as Bhujangasana 

Please check out these 8 amazing benefits of practising bhujangasana or cobra yoga pose daily

Cobra yoga pose lengthens & stretches your spine to improve posture

Growing children and teenagers can also add up a few inches by performing bhujangasana daily

Cobra yoga posture has the potential to slim your legs & shedding extra fat from the buttocks

Performing the cobra pose stretches the abdominal muscles along with the chest & shoulders

Cobra pose daily practice is also beneficial for the asthmatic person and prevents asthma attack

Daily practice of cobra yoga pose enhances the reproductive system of both male and female

Women who face irregular menstrual cycle problems can rectify this condition by performing this pose

Not only lower body parts but it also improve blood flow on our face that brings back the lost glow of the face