Due to dandruff, the skin of the scalp becomes crusty, dry, and flaky over a period of time

Having too much dandruff cause itchiness and keeps a person away from social interactions

Eat these seven superfoods to treat your dandruff problem at home

Bananas being rich in biotin and zinc can aid with sebum control on the scalp which helps to eliminate dandruff

Yoghurt ingredients are known for making immunity strong which reduces the chances of fungus-caused dandruff

Dandruff is also treated by eating eggs as it is another superfood with biotin components and even some shampoos add eggs to their ingredients for hair health

Eating protein-rich food like chicken is also proved to be superfood which treats dandruff and hair loss

Nuts are rich in zinc and healthy fats that prevent the scalp dryness and eliminate the dandruff

Olive oil massage reduces sebum production and it moisturized the hair roots which help in treating dandruff

Vegan's favourite healthy fat Avocado is also a superfood which can be eaten daily for treating dandruff