Here we have provided 4 best yoga poses to remove back pain & getting a strong flexible back

This gentle yoga pose is performed on knees and forearm support which mobilizes your spine

Cat Cow Yoga Pose

Cat Cow yoga pose strengthens your back by working on erector spinae, gluteus maximus muscles

This is a rejuvenating traditional yoga pose and fixes back pain and sciatica through regular practice

Downward-Facing Dog

By working on hamstrings, deltoids, and gluteus maximus muscles, it improves your body's balance

This pose comes in the category of standing yoga pose which removes pain from the neck and back

Extended Triangle

Extended triangle yoga pose works on latissimus dorsi, internal oblique, gluteus maximus and medius muscles

This pose is performed while lying flat on the stomach which develops strengths in the back and hips muscles

Sphinx Pose

Erector spinae, gluteal muscles, and pectoralis major are some muscles which stretch during this pose