Ardha Bhekasana or Half Frog yoga pose is a fundamental yoga asana

The whole body got stretched especially the hips and back with regular practice of the Half frog yoga pose

Our hips have plenty of muscle tissues and this asana is known to stretch all of them

Here are the top five benefits of doing the Half frog yoga pose or Ardha bhekasana

This yoga pose activates muscles in the upper body as well as builds strength in them

By strengthening the quads, hamstrings, and lower body muscles this yoga pose improves flexibility and balance 

Obese or athletes faces knee injuries or knee pain which can be treated if they practice Ardha bhekasana regularly

Hips muscles stores most of the tension because most individuals sit on the job which causes pain and tension in hip muscles and this asana will treat them

It's equally important to stretch the front thigh muscles known as quadriceps and half frog pose main focus is to stretch those muscles