Seth Rogen is known for performing lot of humorous roles in blockbuster films

The fans of Seth Rogen got stunned to see their favorite star weight loss transformation

Seth Rogen drops around 14 kilograms in the span of 10 weeks

It was Green Hornet role opportunity which makes Seth Rogen to reduce weight in just 3 months

Seth Rogen regularly does strength training for 3 hours thrice a week which also fixes his skin sagging problem

Seth Rogen also discarded unhealthy fat rich foods from his diet and properly stick to a healthy diet plan

His breakfast includes protein-rich fruits that builds up his lean muscle and fulfill micro nutrients needs

For lunch Seth Prefer both veg & non veg foods such as organic green veggies & seafood, chicken, etc

His favourite healthy food at dinner is fat free turkey, chicken breast, bell peppers, and carrots