Billy Gardell a popular comedian who at a time become so much obese

However, he become conscious of his increasing weight and made a decision to lose weight to keep healthy around his kid

Billy Gardell heaviest weight in his life was 350 pounds 

After realising his obesity he becomes determined to lose weight and lost 140 pounds so far

Quitting bad habits like smoking and drinking helped Billy Gardell lose weight

Billy Gardell is also a Type 2 Diabetes patient which is why he opted for a healthy lifestyle

Hiring a dietician and a therapist in the past helped Billy Gardell lose weight

As of now, Billy Gardell weight is 96 kg

Billy Gardell followed the weight loss process properly and didn't lose weight at once or quickly

At first, he lost 45 pounds then he lost another 30 pounds and just like this he overall lose 140 pounds