The new research of UCLA in the United States tells that increase in global temperatures is disturbing sleep

Due to poor sleep, it will create problems like poor immune response in people

So far many studies already researched that sleep disorders may be caused by warmer temperatures

Poor sleep gives invitations to many infectious diseases and even makes the vaccines less effective, said Michael Irwin, a UCLA professor

Now this recent research of UCLA find the link between sleep disruption and poor immune response

Irwin, director of the Cousins ​​Center for Psychoneuroimmunology told that no one raises the idea before that the ongoing climate crisis contributes to sleep disorders

The researcher also sees this issue as a matter of inequalities because people

who have less income tend to work at warm temperatures as they don't have much access to air conditioning

As per the survey of 765,000 US citizens, it has been found those who sleep at night in warm temperature have experienced insufficient sleep