Throat ulcers can be painful and disturbing which makes it difficult to swallow food or drink water

Poor immune system result in breakage of mucus lining which results in throat ulcers

But thankfully some natural remedies are there which can treat your throat ulcers at home

The most popular solution is gargling with salt water which is also recommended by our grandparents as it kills the bacteria in the throat

Honey is also a natural healer which when added with tea can cure the problem of sore throat

Baking soda and salt water can be combined and then used for gargling to stop bacteria from growing to treat throat ulcers

Apple cider vinegar is acidic in nature which also helps in treating mucus lining and gives relief in sore throat

Fenugreek tea has anti-fungal properties and its consumption helps an individual to treat their sore throat

Garlic is also a natural remedy for curing throat ulcers as it contains allicin which gives relief in this painful condition