Just like cows and buffaloes, pigs are also mammals which means a pig can also give milk

Illinois Pork Producers Association in a letter mentioned that the fat content of pig's milk is 8.5% whereas cows only have 3.5%

Even a Dutch farmer named Erik used pig's milk for making cheese & found that it's creamier and saltier than cow's milk

The reason why pig milk is absent from the milk industry is, that a female pig doesn't want to get milked

Cows have a history of being domesticated for the dairy industry but it is not the case with pigs

Pigs compared to cows are more aggressive and it won't be easy to take milk from them

Another reason for not milking a pig is that they are not profitable as much as cow

A letter from Illinois Pork Producers Association said that pig's body has 14 teats whereas cows have only 4

Having a large number of teats makes the milking process more complicated and less profitable

So far no technology has been evolved for extracting milk from 14 teats and the biggest reason

to not milk a pig is that they only produce 13 pounds of milk per day whereas a cow is capable to produce 65 pounds every day