Aqib Talib who retired from NFL and played at the Cornerback position is devasted by his brother's arrest warrant

His brother Yaqub Salik Talib is identified as a suspect in shooting a coach

The shooting incident happened in Texas at a youth football game in which a coach lost his life

After that arrest warrant is issued against the retired cornerback Talib's brother

Mike Hickmon was identified as a coach who was shot dead in this incident on Saturday

As per Mike Freeman who is Dragons president that it was a dispute over a football kick when Mike went up to pick the ball

The statement of Aqib Talib lawyer is out which states that Talib was at the spot when this incident happened

Even Aqib got shattered and disturbed by this crime in which a coach lost his life

Aqib pay condolences to the victims family and everyone who was at the crime spot