Norway's famous walrus, Freya was euthanized by the Norwegian govt. at an early Sunday morning

Frank Bakke-Jensen told their decision to euthanize the walrus because it posed a threat to human life

Frank Bakke-Jensen is the director general at the Norwegian Directorate of Fisheries 

Rune Rae biology teacher at the University of South-Eastern Norway said, Freya this summer became a social media sensation

Freya female walrus has spent time around the Oslo Fjord, an inlet on Norway's southeastern coast

Freya was different from other walruses; she seemed to not fear humans- which was unusual for her species

Several popular videos show how Freya eagerly climbs onto small boats to take sunbathe

In the past week, the directorate has been cautioning citizens not to go near Freya

Directorate warns that they observed tourists swimming with Freya, and getting near to her to take pictures