Sour Blenching or sulphur burps caused due to consuming junk food

Having poor digestion makes sulphur burps common each day and remedies to treat this are provided here

Green tea is known to flush out toxins and improve digestion which helps to treat Sour blenching

Rice water reduces stomach pain by forming a layer around the stomach which treats sulphur burps naturally

Goat milk compared to cow and buffalo milk is lighter and treats not only malaria but it also treats sour blenching

Baking soda has a component named sodium bicarbonate that is proven for treating sour blenching, bad breath, etc

Yoghurt is rich in plenty of anti-oxidants which treat sour blenching and is recommended to take with black salt

Carrot juice when mixed with lemon juice treats the sour blenching as it contains anti-oxidants

If in any case, you feel an allergy to these ingredients then contact your doctor