Mariska Hargitay Weight Loss came to light in her appearance at the 74th annual Emmy Awards

These awards were held in Los Angeles and whoever saw Law & Order: SVU actress got stunned

Mariska Hargitay new look and weight loss transformation made people think about her diet and workout

As per internet sources, Mariska Hargitay hired a personal trainer name, Jay Wright

Jay Wright takes the onus to prepare Mariska Hargitay weight loss diet and workout

As per sources, Hargitay cut the tasty foods from the diet which causes the body to gain weight

Veggies and lean meat were her major food items which she included in the diet

Moreover, Hargitay joined the gym and makes sure to workout 3 times a week

Mariska Hargitay weight gain happened during her pregnancy after she had C-section during childbirth