Lafayette Park, a place near to the White House witnessed a lightning strike on Thursday

2 casualties have been reported in which one victim was 75 years old and the other one is 76, ABC News Reported

The name of the victims was Donna Meuller and James Meuller who belongs to Janesville, Wisconsin

There were 2 other people who were seriously injured in the lightning incident

The fire department spokesman told that the incident happened in the evening around 7 pm

The lightning struck the middle of the part and Andrew Jackson's statue was just 100 ft. away from it

The first to reach the spot was U.S. Secret Service and U.S. Park Police who try to provide life saving aid

Immediately after this D.C. Fire and EMS also reached the incident spot to take the victims to a nearby hospital

Healthcoachjp prays for the well being for those who are critically injured & battling for their lives