Lana Del Rey is a pretty good singer whose stage name is Elizabeth Woolridge Grant

She recently was in limelight because of her weight gain & Lana Del Rey fans were surprised with her weight gain

There were speculations that it was Anorexia which causes Lana Del Rey weight gain

Lot of her admirers put up body-shaming comments on the internet for her and produce bad nicknames

However, her true fans defended her and understands that her weight gain is just a welcome change from her anorexia

However, the star never admit that she suffered from anorexia but her fans got the idea

A song named "Boarding School" lyrics gives hint that Lana is suffering from food disorder, Anorexia

Moreover, 2020 pandemic is another reason behind Lana Del Rey Weight Gain because of less physical activities

Covid-19 made people to stay all the time at home during lockdown and it results in weight gain