Excess oil production from skin cells turns the scalp red and itchy which causes dandruff & hair-fall

Our lifestyle and hormonal imbalance can cause sebum production which is the main cause of oily scalp

Another cause of greasy scalp is genes and hereditary factors and Seborrheic dermatitis

Using a few drops of Tea tree oil daily on the scalp keeps the sebum oil production on the scalp in control

Apple cider vinegar is another best natural remedy for treating oily scalp and removing itchiness

Probiotics like yoghurt maintain the good health of the scalp resulting in less oil production on scalp

The oily scalp should be taken care of with only organic and plant-based shampoos 

Never wash your hair with sulfates and parabens-based shampoos because their chemical are bad for hair & scalp

Those with greasy and oily scalp should restrict themselves from using hair conditioners