The lips being the most sensitive skin of our body requires extra care and attention

The polluted environment and bad lifestyle & eating habits make lips dark 

Major causes of lips becoming dark are smoking, caffeine intake, dehydration, UV rays, etc

Here are some solutions to follow at home for getting pink lips naturally

Prepare sugar scrub by adding honey, almond oil, and sugar and apply them to your lips daily for making lips pink naturally

Beetroot being a treasure of essential vitamins and minerals can help you get pink lips naturally if applied a slice of it daily

Sunscreen is essential not only for the face but for lips too, but apply only SPF 15 sunscreen on your skin to prevent them from getting dark

Vitamin E is another best solution for dark lips and all you have to do is to cut the vitamin e capsule and rub that liquid on lips

Never use poor quality of lip balm or harsh chemical lip balm on lips else they would damage your lips skin