People who are underweight remains upset due to their skinny body and they search for workout for weight gain

We have provided 7 best workouts for weight gain that skinny people can do at home to build muscles

Push-ups are one of the most recommended & basic exercises to develop upper body strength which builds muscles & helps in weight gain

Squats are known for improving thighs & glutes strength which also helps in gaining muscles in the lower region

Lunges with using a dumbbell are also a great home workout to gain weight and muscles with regular practice

To gain strength in arms and triceps it is recommended to do tricep dips by placing your hands on the edge of a box to go up and down with tricep strength

To get those attractive bulky muscles, one can also do pull-ups with some extra weights which also contributes to healthy weight gain

Gaining weight becomes attractive with a good chest and for that bench press can be the best solution to get muscles in the chest

To gain weight with a proper posture required to perform the deadlift exercises on a daily basis