A lot of people prefer drinking green tea for the sake of good skin

The ingredients present in the green tea keep the skin hydrated and maintain proper oil balance

Another reason why people drink green tea is to detoxify their body from the inside to get a bright & healthy skin

Do you know green tea cleansing masks have amazing benefits for your skin? Let's find out!!

The polyphenols present in green tea help your skin to repair as well as treat skin damage caused by UV rays

Green tea cleansing mask has important components like vitamins E and B2 which helps in age reversing

The components present in the green tea mask reduce inflammation and treat the redness and itching caused by harmful rays of the sun

A small amount of caffeine is also there in green tea which can reduce the puffiness around the eyes

Sebaceous glands produce oily substance known as "Sebum" which is the main factor of acne and green tea mask tackles this skin issue