A new study recently found that climate change can drastically impact human health by giving birth to infectious diseases

58% of human pathogens are expected to be aggravated because of global warming

This statement is from a study published in Nature Climate Change on Monday

A data analyst named, Camilo Mora stated that these are more than half of infectious diseases found after the Roman Empire's end

Mora's team got shocked after they systematically screened the literature as it reveals that

3,213 empirical cases link 286 different human diseases to ten different climate hazards, including droughts and floods

Of those tested, 277 of them were found to be aggravated by at least one form of climatic disaster.

Of all the species researched there were only nine that were shown to have been negatively impacted by any form of atmospheric conditions

Examples of hazards include those that make humans vulnerable to diseases, such as storms and floods, 

which results in the displacement of victims who have contracted Lassa fever or Legionnaires' disease