Garland yoga pose or Malasana is a pose in yoga which improves flexibility and digestion too

During this pose, pressure is put on the ankles and calves which improves strength in them

It is recommended to stay in Malasana squat pose for at least 30 seconds and here are its benefits

There are some sore muscles in the back region which will be relaxed after practising the garland yoga pose

Sitting on a chair all day long can stiff the back and hip muscles and doing malasana will open the muscles of them

This yoga posture stretches the muscles of the hamstrings and releases stress out of them

Our body's key abdominal organs like the kidney, liver, and pancreas become healthy with regular practice of Malasana

Belly fat cause embarrassment in a public place and to keep that belly flat one should do a garland yoga pose

Garland yoga pose enhances the shape of butts by toning the glute muscles