These are some of the foods which you should avoid putting in a freezer

Cucumber is a watery veggie that when frozen gets thawed after taking them out of the freezer and makes it soggy

Watermelon and cucumber both are watery food items and when you take them out of the freezer it becomes messy because of the thawing process

It is advisable to put oranges at a cold room temperature instead of freezing them in the freezer

Never put cooked pasta in a freezer else all you will say is "Yuck" after taking them out of the freezer

Never put coffee or coffee beans in a freezer else it will ruin the taste of your coffee and even smells bad

The crispy fried food items should never be kept in a freezer else it put a bad effect on your body once you eat them in thawed form

Milk is also avoided to freeze instead cool them normally in the refrigerator

Never put Raw whole eggs in the freezer else it develops bacteria and the gooey inside the eggs will expand and cracks the eggs which will leak into the freezer