Finally, monkeypox is now declared as a health emergency by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

The continuous rise of monkeypox cases causes threat to many Americans which is why these 7 ways must be adopted to protect yourself from the virus

Maintain distance & stay far from the infected person to avoid any skin contact with them


The virus can present on the surface of clothing so avoid using other's people used lines and towels


Do not forget to use sanitizer and soap for hands whenever you came from outside or meet any other person


Wear full sleeves T-shirts or shirts and full pants to avoid any skin contact in the crowded area with someone


Using disinfectant on the surface is a good idea as the surface was contaminated by the infected person


If possible reach out to the health department to get vaccinated as it prevents chances of catching monkeypox


Be vigil towards the monkeypox virus news to keep yourself updated about its cure and prevention