Popular American actress and singer Emma Hunton weight loss journey is shared here

This 31-year-old singer was in news for quite a long time for her body transformation

What Emma Hunton did for weight loss and some key facts of this journey are provided here

It was her social media handle post that surprised her fans after they saw her incredible weight loss

It was the year 2021 when she became conscious of her health and increasing body weight

Emma Hunton immediately removed all those foods from her diet that contains sugar

Being a vegetarian she sticks to a plant-based protein-rich diet to control her weight

Berries and oatmeal were her breakfast whereas she took olive and leafy greens for the lunch

Moreover, Emma Hunton hired a trainer who prepared a diet and workout schedule for her 

She remained more focused on cardio exercises in the beginning and running, walking, and push-ups were some of the main exercises