We are providing the names of some foods that create controversy and got banned in the US and other countries

Raw Almonds which are generally pasteurized are illegal to be sold in the US as they contain salmonella, which causes fever, diarrhoea 

European Union and Australia put a ban on Jello candies due to the amount of konjac present in it

Singaporean Govt. put a ban on chewing gum in 1992 to make streets clean & allowed only medical chewing gums from 2004

Durian fruit which is popular in South East Asia is banned in Singapore and other countries due to its foul smell

Ketchup also creates controversy and France also banned it from elementary schools & Israel too banned the Heinz brand because of lacking tomatoes in it

Europe population consumes raw milk widely but raw milk is banned in over 20 US states because it spread listeria

Ortolan was eaten in France even after it was banned by the French govt. and European Union but the black market still sold it

Marmite is a yeast spread which is banned by Denmark because it is fortified with additional minerals and vitamins