There are a lot of debates happening over Clear American Sparkling Water vs Soda

People are often curious to know which is less harmful or more beneficial in terms of health

Clear American Sparkling Water is better than soda obviously for your health

Soda consumption put a bad effect on your body whereas Clear American Sparkling Water hydrate your body

If you drink it within the limited quantity else Clear American Sparkling Water also has some bad effects

Keep in mind no one can replace plain water when it comes to hydrating the body without negative impact

Potassium benzoate in clear American Sparkling Water is an additive which creates carbonation when added to water

Potassium Benzoate causes allergies in some people and contact dermatitis can also happen with its consumption

Definitely, it is best compared to soda but not the right drink for hydration compared to plain water, so drink a maximum 1 can a day