Nowadays many individuals suffering from the problem of cracked heel

The dry skin causes your heel to crack which also causes pain and discomfort

Here are some of the best solutions to treat cracked heels at your home

Moisturize your heels with a thick moisturizer daily which contains ingredients like Salicyclic Acid, Hyaluronic acid

Another best treatment is to dip your feet for 20 mins in lukewarm water which contains salt & then use a scrubber to exfoliate them

Dipping your feet in vinegar water is another best solution to treat cracked heels as it kills the bacteria and fungus

Coconut oil is recommended for dry skin and cracked heels and its anti-bacterial properties will prevent your cracked heels from bleeding

Wear shoes instead of slippers because covering your feet prevents them from dust and heat which reduces the chances of having cracked heels

The deficiencies of vitamins C, B-3, and E and exposure to extreme heat and cold are the causes of cracked heels