We have provided information on protein-rich foods for growing children or teens who are entering high school

The best protein-rich breakfast food list is incomplete without eggs, they are high in protein and can be cooked quickly and in multiple varieties like boiled, omelette, etc

High school-going teens moms can prepare turkey bacon for their child to fulfil their protein needs

Overnight oats combined with cottage cheese are a healthy and protein-rich breakfast for high school kids

One of the quick protein-rich breakfast food for high kids is Greek yoghurt combined with nuts and fruits

Pancakes are also a good choice for fulfilling the protein needs of a growing child during breakfast

Black Bean Burrito combined with spinach or eggs will be a perfect protein-rich breakfast for a high school teen

The trend of Avocado Toast is at its peak as people find it the best solution to get the right amount of protein

If your child wakes up late and remain in hurry for leaving school then keep a protein bar in backup so that his breakfast meal won't be skipped