There is outbreak of  BA.5 subvariant and cases are increasing in the United States

The health experts have shortlisted 4 places which you should avoid else the virus may attack you

Those who were infected 3 months back are getting reinfected with the virus

The first place you should avoid going is indoor restaurants and bars as they are usually crowded

Second place experts warn to visit is the indoor gyms as the virus maybe airborne or found on the surface of equipment

The third place an individual has to avoid is travelling in Cruise ship as it can easily infect around 2,000 people at once 

Last and the fourth place is to avoid visiting hospitals as they are the spread house of viruses can infect many people at once

BA.5 subvariant cases are surging rapidly all over the US that's why health experts warns about these 4 places

Health experts says that indoor environment is quite risky compared to outdoor when it comes to  BA.5 subvariant infection