Everyone knows how famous Canadian Actress Ayesha Curry is 

In the past, she was dealing with weight issues but her weight loss transformation amazed everyone

Let's take a dive into important facts about Ayesha Curry Weight loss journey

Ayesha Curry weight loss journey initiated in the year 2020

The prime reason behind her weight loss and toned figure is her strict diet

Ayesha Curry was already acquainted with the food industry that's why she got quickly accustomed to the diet

First of all, to cut down the calories she made changes in her eating habits

Her breakfast includes a cup of coffee and smoked salmon and she also drinks lukewarm water all-day

Ayesha Curry also joined a gym to do weight loss exercises and does workout there for 5 times a week

Ayesha workout duration was 2 hours in which she gave 1 hour alone to aerobics exercise