1. Almonds outperform all other nuts in providing fiber because it's 1-ounce serving contains 3.5 g of fiber

2. Apple which people usually eat in the morning or mixing it in oatmeal has 4.5 g of fiber in one medium serving

3. Avocado is also loaded with fiber and has 10 grams of fiber in one cup serving

4. Barley is a source of many nutrients and 1 cup of cooked barley provides you 6 grams of fiber

5. Beets which are termed "natures candy" is loaded with many essential micro-nutrients and its 1 cup serving provides 4 grams of fiber

6. Bran flakes are listed among the best breakfast cereals whose 1 cup serving is enough to provide 5.5 g of fiber

7. Brocolli which is primarily known as a source of protein but it also has around 5g of fiber in 1 cup serving

8. Brown rice is a major contributor to weight loss and contains around 3.5 g of fiber per cup

9. The chia seeds 2 tbsp servings is enough for an individual to get 10 grams of fiber