Apple you might eat every day but green apple has 8 potential health benefits which you will know here

Green apples fulfil fiber needs which boost metabolism and give relief to the stomach with smooth bowel movements

Not only fiber but green apple is also rich in minerals like iron, zinc, manganese, and potassium which raise the blood oxygen levels

Green apple has an ample amount of Vitamin C which is known to prevent skin cell damage and reduces the chances of skin cancer

To protect yourself from Alzheimer's disease, then include a green apple in your diet every day

Green Apple Juice regular intake lower the chances of having Asthma in future

Polyphenols present in green apples prevent human beings from Type 2 diabetes

Green Apple is among the best natural food which helps in detoxify liver, kidney, and digestive system

Green apple juice control the hunger pangs which automatically reduce your mood from eating extra meal and the end result is weight loss