The cardiologists have ranked these 8 foods bad for heart health

1. Processed deli meats contain preservative sodium nitrate which increases internal inflammation and chronic inflammation

2, Hot dogs have a high amount of saturated fat which invites heart diseases if eaten frequently

3. Rotisserie chicken which is sold in supermarkets also has saturated fat and sodium and is bad for heart health

4. Store-packed ketchup contains a large amount of sodium which is bad for the heart health

5. Barbecue sauce 2 tbsp servings has 310 milligrams of sodium which put a bad impact on heart health

6. Table salt also increases sodium consumption so avoid intake of it in high quantities for the sake of good heart health

7. Health experts recommend avoiding Fat-free packaged snacks because they use high sugar as an alternative to fat

8. Never eat fat-free peanut butter as peanut butter fat is good for health but without fat peanut butter has high sugar