These are 8 foods which can reduce cholesterol levels as per nutritionists 

1. In dark chocolate, each serving is rich in flavonoids which can help lower cholesterol levels & improve blood lipid profile

2. Strawberries naturally help regulate the cardiovascular system because they are rich in polyphenols

3. Okra vegetable is low in calories and high in heart-healthy soluble fiber which lowers the cholesterol levels

4. Baked potato has a rich amount of heart-healthy potassium which lowers the chances of strokes

5. Tomatoes are packed with Vitamin A and C along with potassium which also helps in lowering cholesterol

6. Tuna helps in reducing the plaque which blocks the arteries as per American Heart Association 

7. Raspberries are rich in fiber and it also reduces LDL levels

8. Black Beans are also a fiber-dense food and have plant-based protein which also reduces cholesterol levels