There are plenty of healthy foods available and out of them we picked eight superfoods which fight diseases

Plant-based protein and fiber are available in ample amounts in Beans, peas, and chickpeas which keeps blood sugar in control

Spinach and Kale are leafy green vegetables that keep bones strong and improve vision

Cruciferous vegetables like cauliflower and broccoli detoxify the body naturally and protect us from diseases

Extra-virgin olive oil keeps BP low and reduces inflammation which keeps the diseases risk low

Doctors recommend adding fatty fishes to diets such as mackerel and wild salmon which are good for brain health

Sweet potatoes are no less than a treasure for health as it is packed with potassium, vitamin A, and fiber

Garlic is also beneficial for health and reduces disease risks because it contains organosulfur and helps in body detoxification

A cup of coffee helps fight diseases and reduce the risk of cancer, liver issues, and diabetes