Virabhadrasana or Warrior 1 yoga pose is known for its benefits of improving strength in the lower body

Here are 8 surprising benefits of Virabhadrasana or Warrior 1 yoga pose

1. Body balance improved with constant practice of Virabhadrasana

2. This pose helps in improving flexibility plus it strengthens arms and legs

3. Warrior 1 yoga pose opens the chest which overtime improves breathing

4. Virabhadrasana yoga helps in releasing tension from the hips by opening glute muscles

5. Warrior 1 yoga pose is a magical pose to lengthen the spine and it also stretches the groin area

6. As this yoga pose open up the lungs, the breathing involved in its practice will help in focusing on important things in life

7. With its regular practice both body and mind got connected and help in achieving mental clarity

8. Moreover, the regular practice of it releases tension from the neck and shoulder muscles