People nowadays shifting toward a vegan-friendly diet for the sake of a healthy life

It is advised by health experts that a vegan-friendly diet keeps diseases away & a person lives a longer life

There are 5 vegan-friendly foods which help an individual to boost their immunity, let's see those foods

Black pepper which got the title of king of spices consists of anti-inflammatory properties which boost your immunity

Garlic is also called immunity booster food because of its anti-bacterial agents and eating them raw & uncooked gives extra health benefits

Coconut oil consists MCTs & monolaurin which enhance the immune system and keep the weight under control

Turmeric has been used for a long by our ancestors because of its healing properties which also boost the immune system

The overnight soaked night is advised to eat before breakfast for boosting immunity because it has probiotic and vitamin B12

In case you feel any allergy after taking any of these food items then visit your doctor for consultation