People often care about their skin and body but they forget their oral health

Taking care of oral health is equally very important else it will give birth to the oral problem like gum pain, bad breath, etc

Here are some natural remedies to try at home to treat bad breath and enhances dental health

Greek yoghurt rich in Vitamin D helps fight bacteria and enhance digestion which helps in eliminating bad breath

Basil is rich in natural chemicals like polyphenols and many studies proved that it treats bad breath issues

Vitamin C-enriched fruits are known for their anti-inflammatory properties and treat dental health issues

Green tea contains anti-bacterial oxidants which eliminate the mouth odours

Ginger has a chemical known as 6-gingerol which helps in activating the salivary enzyme and takes away the bad breath from the mouth

If you are allergic to any of these foods then do not take it without a doctor's consultation